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25/3/2024 PLAN Update !

★Sudden, here's a riddle😄Where is Willow Mansion depicted in Haruki Murakami『1Q84』 acutually located ? → to PROFILE


A trip to experience Japanese literature

……So I was nervous.

We are not fans of any particular author.

Also, we are not a marketer who sells a specific work of literarure.


We hope that by experiencing the worldview of literature, we can enrich

our lives.


Try the dishes depicted in literature.

Feel the scent of the land that became the stage of literature.


Combining literature and travel doubles the enjoyment of each.


We would like to fuse the human imagination of literature with the physical experience of travel,

revitalize the travel and tourism business, and contribute to the revitalization of the city.

And, above all, to enrich people's own intellectual lives by doing so.


    However, if words and literature are art that appeals to the human brain(imagination) and heart,

    literary travel does not only refer to physical travel experiences,but also to enjoy“journey of imagination”……


We are,

We hope that more people will enjoy literary travel as we do, and we are a rare and loose organization whose sole purpose is to expand the circle of sympathy and resonance with us.  It's an activity that started because We wanted to be free.


If you resonate with us and if you can support us, please follow the Twitter account below. That's it. we need your strength. @HikookiDeer


Let's go on a literary trip with us !



We would like to dedicate unlimited respect to all works of expression.


We promise not to infringe copyright.


We aim to enrich our limited lives by coming into contact with the worldview of excellent works of expression and understanding their essence.


We are Non-Profit Organization.