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12/12/2022 Updated ! PLAN

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A trip to experience Japanese Literature

……So I was nervous,


We are not fans of any particular author.

Also,we are not a marketer who sells a specific work.


We hope that by experiencing the worldview of literature, we can enrich

our lives.


Try to eat dishes that appear in literature.

Feel the scent of the land that became the stage.


By combining literature and travel,

The fun of each swells many times.


We hope that...

By combining the human imagination of literature with the physical experience of travel,

We would like to contribute to revitalizing the town.

And above all,we want our own lives to be enriched.



If words and literature are art that appeals to the human brain(imagination),

literary travel does not only refer to physical travel experiences,

half of that is enjoying the“journey of imagination”.


Come on,let's go on Japanese literary trip with us.



We hereby declare that we will protect the copyright of all works of expression.


We express boundless respect for all forms of expressions.


We aim to understand the essence of creativity and enrich our finite lives through our own “experiences”──a trip to wxperience Japanese Literature.